Registration for the Fall 2023 Season is now closed. Teams are being formed now.  




In accordance with policy established by the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association, beginning in the Fall 2022 season, MCYSA will no longer accept team requests.  The team formation process will be random in nature. Special requests by players, coaches, or parents for specific team assignments will be strongly discouraged.  Returning players (those who played for MCYSA during the prior playing season) will be assigned to the same team on which he/she played in the immediately preceding playing season. If a player elects not to return to the same team, he/she MUST be placed in “open” registration and assigned a new team at random.  


This policy is necessary as evidenced by the surge in enrollment over the past four seasons.  Following this policy will allow our league to continue to provide a fair and equitable level of play and a competitive environment that fosters growth in the sport for our community’s youth.