Chase The Coach

This soccer drill is a fun game for kids who are 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old. It is simple, fun and kids love to play it.
It teaches dribbling while running and looking up (they will naturally look up to chase the coach) and how to kick the ball while running. Each player has a ball so there are lots of touches.
•Soccer Players stand shoulder-to-shoulder facing Coach who is about 5 steps away
•On “Go”, the Soccer Coach runs slowly away while players dribble to chase him & try to hit him with the ball by shooting at him.
•The kids will be close together and might bump into each other, but that is good because they will learn to dribble in traffic and get used to chaotic conditions like they will face in real games (real games are chaotic).
•Stay in a small area & have fun with this game. Play for 10 minutes
•If they hit you with the ball (let them hit you a lot) you will make the sound of their favorite animal, like a dog or a cow, etc.
•Try to stop about every 60 seconds. If it works better, you can require they hit you 2 or 3 times before you let them choose an animal for you to imitate.

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