MCYSA Referee Requirements


All referees are required to fill out a Independent Contractor Agreement.  You can download
the form below and mail it in with your first pay sheet.  If you already have a agreement on file,
you do not need to fill out another one.  I will not be able to pay you until I get this form on file.

Be sure to take the time to accurately fill out the referee pay sheet.  I cross reference all pay sheets
with the game schedules.  If I cannot match the game on your pay sheet with a actual game, you will not be
paid for that game.  Be sure to fill out the space showing the other referee's that worked with you
because I can check their pay sheets if I find a problem with yours.  Some of the problems have
been caused by a referee filling out all of his/her paysheet at the beginning of the day only to be moved
to another game and forgetting to change the pay sheet to reflect that.  For that reason, fill out your sheet
at the beginning of each game.

Know your MCYSA referee ID number.  A list of all certified MCYSA referees will be posted on the referee
web page.

Below are some clarifications / changes concerning pay sheets:

  1. If you referee 10 games during a calendar year you will receive a $50 bonus (increased from $35).  My spreadsheet automatically flags me when somebody has covered 10 games so you don't have to keep track.

  2. The weeknight bonus ($5) will be paid per night not per game

  3. A no show game is when a game is scheduled and nobody shows up.  If the game was officially cancelled, you do not get to claim it as a no show.  If you have a game that is a no show and you go to cover another game, you can list both games on your pay sheet.  If your no show team plays more than one game, you can only list the game once as a no show.

  4. In the team number field on the pay sheet, list the number that shows up on the schedule.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Scott Kirkpatrick



Independent Contractor Agreement