McCracken County Youth Soccer Association


June 9, 2009


Board Members

 Greg Holtgrewe, Donna Thornton-Green, Myron Wessel, Jeff Akin, Mark Davis, Chris Edmond  


Refund Requests

 Ms. Michelle Gelso presented her request for a refund.  It as agreed that a refund would be issued for both of her children. 


Due to extenuating medical circumstances it was agreed that Lakin Smith would not have to pay the fall 09 registration fee. 


Refunds were approved per MCYSA policy for the Lady Bandits/Clyde McSparrin at $10 per player because the team didn’t schedule games at the complex, Whalers Catch/Kris Straub at $20 per player because the team did not practice or play games at the complex and Storm 2000/Donna Thornton Green at $10 per player because the team did not schedule games at the complex.


Complex Use Requests

 The Board agreed to approve use of complex to host the following events:



 Mark distributed minutes of the May 12, 2009 meeting. 


Financial Report

 Brett was not able to attend but provided the financial report for the period ending April 30, 2009 via email.


The Board agreed to pay Chris Smith $15 per hour to assist with maintenance of the complex. 


 3 v 3 Live National Soccer Tour

 This event did not work out due to scheduling this year but the Board is interested in pursing a tournament at a future date.  The Association would be responsible for providing marked fields, a referee assignor and a pool of referees.  The Association would receive $20 per registered team.


Registration Mailer

 Greg will initiate the process to get the registration notice mailer out. 


Fall 09 Calendar

 The Board agreed to move comp scheduling meeting to August 4, 2009.