McCracken County Youth Soccer Association


May 12, 2009


Board Members

 Brett Draffen, Chris Edmond, Dave Althouse, Mark Davis  


Fall 09 Calendar

 The Board refined a Fall 09 calendar prepared by Brett Draffen.  This draft calendar will be provided to the Board members not present and then posted to the MCYSA web site after any necessary revisions are made. 


It was the consensus of those present that MCYSA should try to host a CCL Day in the fall 09. 


Registration Mailer

 The Board agreed mail out registration notifications as we did for the spring 09 season.  The mailer will direct interested parties to the Association web site for dates. 


Financial Report

 Brett presented the MCYSA financial report for the period ending April 30, 2009.  Following a brief discussion and review of the financial report the Board agreed to maintain the current registration fee schedule. 



 The Board discussed possible ways to have access to MCYSA equipment on weekends.  This equipment is presently stored at the McCracken County Road Department and the Association does not have access to it after 3:30 pm on weekdays or on weekends.