Board Meeting Minutes – May 11, 2006

McCracken County Youth Soccer Association



  1. Call to order at 6:45 pm


  1. Roll call

Present:            Greg, Brett, Shannon, Scott, Sean, Dave, and Mark

Absent: Van, Kevin, and Tracy

Guest:               none


  1. Acceptance of minutes from previous meeting

No minutes to review


  1. Treasurers report

No major expenditures or receipts since last report.


  1. Registrars report
    • Registration for Spring season 515 rec. / 763 total.  (Fall 05 493/675)  Most of the growth was the addition of the HS teams.
    • Dave presented his draft registration form.  He highlighted the revised “parental support” section for volunteers and the new fee structure.  The fees will remain the same if you: 1 volunteer and 2 sign up before the early bird data or sign up on line with a credit card.  The late fee will also be reduced.  The board approved the changes and Dave will bring a final of the entire flyer to the next meeting.
    • We will do the flyers to school again in the fall.


  1. Old Business



  1. New Business

MLS Camp

·        Camp June 5-9 at the complex with morning and evening sessions.

·        Brochures to be here Friday, Sean will pass out at the complex the last two Saturdays.

·        Lori Elrod will be hosting the coaches this year.


End of Season work day

It was agreed that we would double our efforts and have 2 fall days instead of a poorly attended one now.


Review of Fall Calendar

Several changes were made and approved as revised.  Brett will bring a final to the next meeting.  The schedule will be posted on the website soon.


Concession Stand Report

The concession stand is making money after all the startup costs have been covered.  There was discussion about disposition of supplies after the season.  Brett was going to try to offload some stuff on Reidland baseball and see what was left.  The LO boosters are going to donate some portable concession stands to MCYSA.  This could be good for sales at the U10 fields.


Summer Fund Raiser

Talked about trying a booth at one of the down town festivals.  The board decided that was not something to be tackled at this time.


Field Maintenance

MCYSA received a bid from Tri-turf to do significant dirt work at the complex this summer for $12,500.  Dirt would be supplied by the County.  There was no breakout available for each field, but work would be done on each field.  The board was hesitant to work on all fields after last years experience.  They agreed to walk the complex and develop a priority list.


Mowing Contract

We have yet to see the new city/county employee.  Mark believes that he has quit already.  He will follow up with Pat and let us know.  We will continue to have our contractor work until we learn more.  Our contractor will continue weekly and raise the height of the mower to 3” for the hottest part of the summer.


Short Sided Games

There was discussion about the theory of short sided games.  Brett has found some good information resources and estimated time, space, and people requirements.  He doesn’t think that it will have that big an impact.  There is the potential for gender specific teams, fewer referees.  It was suggested to look at the materials at and we can continue this discussion at a later meeting.


Silent Saturday

It’s scheduled for May 13th at the complex.  Greg will send an e-mail to coaches, Scott to referees.  Please remind players and coaches that there is to be no verbal communication, just clapping.  U6 coaches will still be on the field, just toned down.  We will move the competitive game away from the recreational fields.


Parent Issues

A parent of one of our players allegedly acted inappropriately at the Kentucky Lake Tournament.  We have received preliminary comments from a member of the Marshal County Board.  We will follow up with Marshal County contact and KYSA on an appropriate response.


Board Openings

Shannon announced his retirement; Carl Baker has tentatively agreed to replace him.

Scott announced his retirement, no replacement has been found yet.

The position of President is still vacant.


KYSA Meeting

The annual meeting will be held August 5 in Louisville.  Mark has some more information if anyone is interested in attending.


  1. Adjournment at 8:45 pm