Board Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2006

McCracken County Youth Soccer Association



  1. Call to order at 6:45 pm


  1. Roll call

Present:            Greg, Brett, Shannon, Scott, and Dave

Absent: Van, Kevin, and Tracy

Guest:               Rob Siefert, Sherrie Kirkpatrick


  1. Acceptance of minutes from previous meeting

No minutes to review


  1. Treasurers report

Budget summary for 2005 was reviewed and discussed.

·        Total receipts $70,800 / expenses $61,600 (still owe Illinois for registration of players) (includes $10,000 county field repair pass through in both receipts and expenses)

·        Biggest expenses – referees 24%, field maintenance & repair 33%, and registration/insurance 18%. (three item total - 75%)


  1. Old Business
    • Bylaws/constitution/rules – The constitution and bylaws as approved last meeting will be our guide until further revisions are possible.  They need to be posted on the website.
    • Background checks – There has been very little response.  Dave was going to send out the information again and Shannon was going to follow-up with the competitive coaches.
    • Concessions – nothing new, the assignments will be published much earlier next season so coaches can get people signed up when they do drink sign-ups.  Free drinks will be supplied to referees if requested.  We will try to keep track to see what it costs us for the season.
    • Jack’s Letter – Letter was sent to City and County officials and no response has been heard to date.


  1. New Business

MCYSA Newsletter

·        Sherrie Kirkpatrick shared her idea of a news letter to help raise awareness of what it takes to run the league.

·        Discussed several ideas for a FAQ page in news letter or website.

·        Will incorporate most into registration brochure.


Field Conditions – Fields 1&2 have been invaded by moles, voles, and crawfish.  Working on a regular basis to fill holes, will try permanent solution when play is finished.  Also need to get Lakeland on weeds when season is over.


Expectations and Accountability – The Board needs to list the duties of each board member or committee position.


Referee Bonus – It was proposed and approved that we pay a $5 bonus for each referee that works a single weeknight game the rest of the year.


Medals and Trophies – Dave will investigate and propose something at the next meeting.


Education of Parents – The new US Youth Soccer DVD about “Positive Parenting in Soccer” was discussed.  We would review the DVD and evaluate purchasing them for next season at a distribution level to be determined.  Also talked about the possibility of a “parents meeting.”


New Soccer Facility – Discussed the current progress.  The County has not purchased any property.  The County also suggested we hold onto our petition information at this time.


Fall Fun Day – The board will evaluate the Fall Fun Day concept at one of the summer meetings.


New Benches – The response to the new benches has been positive.  The board will order more this summer for delivery by the fall season.


Double Headers – We will poll the coaches on how they want their double headers scheduled, either back to back or with a break in between.


Registration Changes – There was a lengthy discussion about how to improve the registration process.  Roughly half the registration forms were received with the last week.  We also discussed raising fees to make program improvements.  Ideas included:  increased fees, early bird or on-line discounts, volunteer fee or discounts, coaching discounts, evaluating surrounding programs.  Dave will make a proposal at the next meeting.


Registrars Report – In addition to the above changes, Dave discussed substitutions after registration was over, refund schedule by the first game.


Graves County YSA – Graves County YSA wanted to schedule some games with MCYSA teams on a home/home basis.  We voted not to force our teams to travel to Mayfield.  Each coach can schedule on an individual basis.


  1. Adjournment at 9:30 pm