Board Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2006

McCracken County Youth Soccer Association



  1. Call to order at 6:47 pm


  1. Roll call

Present:            Greg, Brett, Shannon, Scott, Kevin, Mark and Dave

Absent: Van and Tracy



  1. Acceptance of minutes from previous meeting

Original version of minutes approved.  Get all posted on website.


  1. Treasurers report

No major expenditures or receipts since last report.  Dave had some bills from the mail box.

Discussed tax exempt status and charitable organization status of the association.  No one knew the status.  Are going to search for more information.


  1. Old Business
    • Bylaws/constitution/rules – Voted and approved the past proposed rules and bylaws as written.  Any comments and suggestions for revisions should be forwarded to Scott.


    • Website – each person should check their area of the website to update relevant information.


    • Background checks – Dave has modified the Illinois form for use in Kentucky.  Will have the Board, Illinois coaches, and competitive coaches this season and do the remainder in the spring.  Suggest every 2 years after that.  It was suggested that we adopt the state risk management program.  Shannon was to work up a draft and present it to the Board.


    • Order Paint – only a few games on March 18 should be ok with what is left over.  Sean will order an entire palate for the discount.


    • Benches – Passed around a list of possible benches and selected 4 – 15ft benches with out a back from  Total should be less than $1000.


    • Registration – 262 registered so far.  Registration closes on Sunday with the last open sign-up on Saturday at the complex.  Dave has requested help for that day.


    • CCL Application – Mark and Shannon will get necessary information at the competitive scheduling meeting then get a check from Sean.


    • Concessions – Troop 6 and the Heath Boosters are talking about working together.  Mark will follow-up.


    • Jack’s Letter – Have not received a marked up copy of the letter from Jack yet.  Scott will check back with Jack.


    • Audit – Discussed the need to finalize the books for last year and have them gone over by an accountant.  Need a P&L statement and develop a budget.  May need to get an accountant to go over things and jump start us.  We will talk to Sean on Saturday at sign-ups.


  1. New Business
    • Coaching Situation for the Spring Season – Discussion about the shortage of coaches for the spring season.  There was also discussion about coaches who may need counseling before the season starts.


    • Coaches Meeting – Looking at the parks department building, March 13 @ 6:30.  Will look into catering or snacks.


    • Competitive Scheduling Meeting – March 9th at PCC in Crounce 101 from 6-8pm.


    • Competitive Issues – U13 Storm team has no coach, still looking.  Local transfers are hurting our teams.  MCYSA will adopt a policy on transfers similar to KYSA to slow the poaching.  Shannon will draft a policy to incorporate state rules and to make a strong statement that the commitment is for a full season August 1 - July 31.  Draft policy will be available at a future meeting.


    • Work Day – Competitive work day is March 18th beginning at 8am.  A reminder will be given at the scheduling meeting.  The recreational work day will be March 25th beginning at 8am.  Scott will make copies and laminate some new field diagrams.


    • Silent Saturday – A suggestion to bring back silent Saturday received overwhelming support from the Board.  It will be added to the schedule during the second half of the season on a weekend light on competitive games.


    • JPFC Football Academy – Joe? was going to be invited to the April Board meeting to discuss what he has to offer at JPFC.  Mark was going to extend the invitation.


    • KOC – Kicks for Cancer? – a soccer kicking program/fundraiser will be explored for the fall season.  Greg will follow-up.


    • Referees from Illinois – No one could figure out why we have no referees from Illinois.  We will make an effort to recruit some for next year.


    • Awards – discussed trophies, medals, etc.  Dave will look into.


    • Games will Ballard or Graves – Greg and Brett will make some contacts to see what the interest level is to play with us.



  1. Adjournment at 9:20 pm