Board Meeting Minutes – February 2, 2006

McCracken County Youth Soccer Association



  1. Call to order at 6:37 pm


  1. Roll call

Present:            Greg, Brett, Shannon, Scott, Dave, and Mark

Absent: Van, Kevin, Sean, and Tracy

Guest:               Jack Butler


  1. Acceptance of minutes from previous meeting

No minutes to review


  1. Treasurers report

No report

General discussion about accounting, audits, 1099s for referees, 501(c)(3) status etc.

Greg was going to talk to Sean about progress on accounting issues.  He also was going to check with a friend about non-profit status.  Jack said we did all the paper work before he became President and it is a long process to go through it again.  The IRS website did not list MCYSA in an initial search of its database (note from after meeting).  There was discussion at a regional referee assignor meeting about 1099s for anyone making over $600.  We were going to look into how may people that affected and what we needed to do next year.  Hopefully moving our accounting to Quick Books could help since David Fish pays the referees using that program.


  1. Unfinished business

Referee class info

We only had 5 new McCracken County people and two outside the county that signed up for our referee class in January.  There were also 3 that could not sign up on the state web site and 5 that were going to go through to recertify.  The State canceled the class due to low registration after informing us that they would hold additional recertification classes.

There will be a new referee class in Mayfield on February 11-12 and a new recertification class in Benton on February 18.



After struggling with the bylaws because they did not flow properly and were badly organized we will try again for a draft for next month. 


Background checks

We will do all the Illinois coaches and the Board and try to work in all the other coaches in the fall.

Jack Butler was going to contact the Paducah Police Department to see if they could help us.


Order paint

Greg was going to add this to the list of questions for Sean.  We have six cases left in Scott’s garage but think another 40 will be needed for the season.


Use of County funds / benches

The County has offered up an annual $10K for the association.  It was agreed that $5K would go towards field improvements this summer.  The remainder would go towards goals, nets, and benches.  Scott would look at bench possibilities in the 8-10’ range and get back to the Board.

Jack also had a draft letter to the County and City requesting/thanking for support.  He was going to revise and send back to Scott for final Board review and submittal.


  1. New Business

Complex access for early season

It was decided to leave the complex open beginning the first Thursday of registration.  Mowing and port-a-pots will not begin until March.


Registration issues

The forms went out last week, some have been returned.  The online registration will be available tomorrow (2-3-06).  The add will be in the paper the Tues-Wed-Thur before the first walk-up registration next Thursday and Saturday (need a check to the paper).  Notes will be distributed to school in a similar fashion late in February.


Mowing / field maintenance / Possible City assistance with mowing

It was approved to continue the use of the same contractor for mowing that we used last season.  He accepted and will start on the onion grass the second week in March and we will give him a game schedule for the third weekend when we open.

We also need to contact Lakeland (Danny) about the weeds


Recruiting new Board members

It is suggested in the spirit of increasing involvement that each one of us brings at least one NEW person to a board meeting this season.


CCL fee

The board supports the membership in CCL (Western Kentucky Competitive Association?) and will pay the $25 to join.  This will allow our competitive teams to be involved in various round robin tournaments during the year.



Will be offered to the same group that has worked the last few seasons.


Silent Saturday

Board members showed support for reintroduction of “Silent Saturdays”.  The idea will try to be worked into the middle of the season.


Rain Outs

The phone tree is the preferred line of communication for bad weather.  Scott will look into the cost of a phone line with a recorded message

We will set up the weekend assignments at the next meeting.



There was a discussion about shirts/hats/jackets to identify us (Board Members) while at the complex.  No decision was made since we are almost always coaching or refereeing.


Field Layout

Some effort will be made to look at the field layouts before the workday on 3-18-06.  We think that both 9 and 10 (large fields) will be back in service.



  1. Adjournment at 8:40 pm