McCracken County Youth Soccer Association

November 3, 2005 Board Meeting Minutes

The McCracken County Youth Soccer Association Board met at 6:30 PM, on Thursday, November 3, 2005 at Lone Oak United Methodist Church. The following were present:

Board Members: Shannon Andrews, Mark Davis, Greg Holtgrewe, Scott Kirkpatrick, Dave Althouse

A quorum was not established.  The Board met to discuss various items but no voting was conducted.  

Guests:  None


1.      Outstanding Bills – The tri-turf bill for interest is still outstanding (~$275).  It was agreed that the association should pay the bill and move on.

2.      Work day - scheduled for November 12 at 7:30 am.  Will focus on general clean up and removing the paint for the winter.

3.      Locking the gate – Mark will discuss locking the gate with the county for the winter to keep the fields safe.

4.      Discussed lunch with the road dept.  All agreed that it was a good idea.  Scott was to talk to Jack and Pat and coordinate.

5.      Concession Trailer – No one knew the status of the concession trailer that the Stevens had.  Greg was going to ask Elaine about that and turning in their keys.

6.      Spring Calendar – Worked through the basics, start mowing and kitmos on March 1, first game April 8, and last game May 22.

7.      Coaching issues – Had further discussion about how to handle difficult coaches.  Scott was to draft some language to add to the bylaws to help us address warnings and removals.

8.      Accounting – There was discussion about finding an accountant to review our books and get everything transferred to Quick books.  Shannon had a lead for an accountant, Mark was going to discuss with Sean.

9.      Spending Limits – The board approved a $1,000/season spending limit for any board member conducting his normal duties.

10.  Illinois Participation – The board discussed the participation level form Illinois teams and coaches.  There was a consensus that we needed a more active Illinois Coordinator.

11.  By-Laws – It was suggested that the by-laws be amended to reflect the current perks for being on the board:  paying for referee certification class and recertification and covering the cost for 1 child to participate in the league or 1 child to attend MLS camp.

12.  Volunteer Usage – again discussed the usefulness of the registration database and how we can get more organized.

13.  Referee recertification – approximately 30 attended class, all were MCYSA referees.

14.  Risk Management – tabled discussion till later time

15.  Injury at complex – A U10/11 player was injured in a game late in the season which was being refereed by a board member.  At the time, the parents decided that it was not serious and that it didn’t warrant a game report.  It was later determined that the foot was fractured.  The necessity to fill out the game report for anything that may be serious was covered during recertification class.

16.  New Complex – Mark discussed the wish for the County and City to sit down and discuss their plans for a new Park / Soccer Complex.  They will be invited to come to the next regular board meeting on December 1.

The next board meeting will be Thursday December 1, 2005 at 6:30 pm