McCracken County Youth Soccer Association

August 4, 2005 Board Meeting Minutes

McCracken County Youth Soccer Association

The McCracken County Youth Soccer Association Board met at 6:30 PM, on Thursday, August 4, 2005 at Lone Oak United Methodist Church. The following were present:

Board Members: Mark Davis, Shannon Andrews, Sean Walsh, Scott Kirkpatrick, Dave Althouse, Tracey Brindley, Greg Holtgrewe, Brett Draffen

Guests: Greg Stevens

Mark Davis called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM and established a quorum.


The minutes of the July 14, 2005, meeting were distributed via email. Mark made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Shannon seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Work Day

A work day is scheduled for August 6 at 8:00. This is primarily for the competitive teams. The two large fields will be prepared. Rec coaches are welcome to come and work on rec fields as well. The Rec work day is August 27.

Fields 9 and 10 are the same size (200 x 300). Do we need two fields this size or do we want to make another smaller field? The recommendation is to take a look at it Saturday and pick one to make smaller. Shannon will take a set of field drawings and mark-up the new dimensions.

Coaches Meeting, Thank You, and Season Kick Off

Mark reported that a season kick off dinner had been planned for August 18, 2005 at Casa Mexicana. The cost will be approximately $400. An email needs to be sent out to the coaches to remind them - Shannon.

Practice locations need to be identified and a list given to Greg – Mark will provide. We need to make sure they are on our insurance list.

Greg is putting together a packet of information for the coaches to hand out at the meeting. We will also cover items such as referee coverage for games and the code of conduct.

Sean put together a referee supply bucket for items that may need to be obtained before a game.


Tri Turf’s bill came this week and has been given to Sean. The bill is $15,764. Mark has requested the $10,000 from the County to be paid directly to Tri Turf. Lakeland lawn’s bill has been received and given to Sean for payment. A $500 bill from Bandana Ag was received and the County will pay it. An invoice for copies of the school flyer was presented for payment.

League Computer

The computer was brought to the Board meeting and it will go to Dave Althouse.

Competitive Team Practice Times

Shannon reported that we have 12 competitive teams. The coaches do not want to wait until the rec teams are together before they pick their practice times and schedules. Shannon suggested that we get the schedule from the competitive coaches at work day and determine if any adjustments need to be made before the rec coaches pick their day. Sharing fields may also be necessary.

We also need to get a list of the practice fields available to try and spread the teams out.

Assignment of Players to Teams

The program we are using has the capability to randomly assign players to a team. If the randomizing feature does not work properly, can 3 board members randomly assign members to a team? Consensus was yes that 3 board members can do this.

Field Maintenance and Mower Maintenance

Sean has been watering the fields. One water wheel has broken and one sprinkler broken. Sean fixed them and has been watering the fields about 4 times a week. There is a lot of sand on field 9, which may cause problems later. Field 4 also has this problem. Possibly to avoid this, we may need to sow less fields at a time. A couple of additional helpers for watering would be good. Contact Sean if you can help.

Greg Stevens reported that the current contract is to mow once a week for $400 a month and they have been mowing on that schedule. The tractor was serviced by the County this spring. Greg has been maintaining the tractor since then. The tractor is currently in the shop for repair.


Bids for Mowing

Scott presented a draft request for bid for mowing. Suggestions were made by various Board member. Scott will send this out to several bidders and the Board will evaluate the bids when they come in. Any potential bidders should be provided to be provided to Scott.

Roles and Responsibility for Board Members

Do we want to define who is responsible for publicity, field maintenance, mowing, and other duties that tend to be shared? We have several volunteers the need to be utilized for these types of things. Can we have a Board member coordinate specific functions? This is something that people should be thinking about for later in the season.

We are tabling this item until the next meeting and will address on the next agenda.

Add rain out procedure to the next meeting agenda also.

The next board meeting will be Thursday September 1, 2005 at 6:30 pm