McCracken County Youth Soccer Association

July 14, 2005 Board Meeting Minutes

McCracken County Youth Soccer Association

The McCracken County Youth Soccer Association Board met at 6:00 PM, on Thursday, July 14, 2005 at Lone Oak United Methodist Church. The following were present:

Board Members: Mark Davis, Shannon Andrews, Sean Walsh, Scott Kirkpatrick, Dave Althouse, Tracey Brindley, Greg Holtgrewe

Guests: Jack Bulter, Trace Stevens (Parks Department)

Mark Davis called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM and established a quorum.


The minutes of the June 2, 2005, meeting were distributed via email and were available in hard copy format at the meeting. Tracey made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Shannon seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Complex Maintenance


Tri Turf recommended that the Association spray the U10 fields for weeds. Mark Davis obtained an estimate for this service from Lakeland Lawn and it will cost $330 per application. Two applications with fertilizer following were recommended. The Board authorized Mark to proceed with this maintenance so it would be complete and the Bermuda would have a chance to recover before the season starts.


Thank You and Season Kick Off


Mark reported that a season kick off dinner had been planned for August 18, 2005 at Casa Mexicana. The cost will be approximately $400. The Board agreed to proceed with this dinner meeting.




Following a discussion regarding mowing of the complex Shannon Andrews made a motion to prepare specifications of mowing and issue a request for bids. Shannon and Scott Kirkpatrick will prepare the RFB.


New Complex


The Board discussed the effort to develop a new soccer complex. Shannon plans to make a presentation to the City and County in September or October.


Equipment for the Fall 05 Season


Sean Walsh presented a list of nets, flags, posts and other materials to be ordered for the fall season. It was the consensus of the Board that Sean should proceed with these purchases so the equipment would be available for work day.


MLS Camp


Sean reported that 55 kids participated in the MLS Camp June 6 10, 2005. Due to the contract terms negotiated by Sean the camp generated $1,195.60 before the Coordinators fee. The final profit was $795.60.




David Althouse reviewed the LeagueOne on line registration process. David will provide registration information via email and Board members will distribute this information to the schools in the area.


Risk Management


Shannon reviewed a draft risk management plan recommended by KYSA. The Board plans to have a plan in place which will include background checks by August of this year.



Russ Flynn has offered to donate several benches, which include advertising, to the complex. The Board agreed to accept the benches and asked that they be placed at the shelters so that spectators could watch games.


The next board meeting will be Thursday August 4, 2005 at 6:30 pm