McCracken County Youth Soccer Association

June 2005 Board Meeting Minutes

McCracken County Youth Soccer Association

The McCracken County Youth Soccer Association Board met at 6:00 PM, on Thursday, June 2, 2005 at Lone Oak United Methodist Church. The following were present:

Board Members: Elaine Stevens, Mark Davis, Greg Holtgrewe, Greg Stevens, Kevin McDonald, Shannon Andrews, Sean Walsh

Guests:  Scott Kirkpatrick, Dave Althouse, Tracey Brindley

Mark Davis called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM and established a quorum.


The minutes of the May 12, 2005, meeting were distributed and were available in hard copy format at the meeting.  Shannon made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Elaine seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Summer Use of Soccer Fields

Mr. Mark Madison from Heath High School has requested the use of the field for a summer soccer camp program in June and July for ages 8-10 and 11-14.  The field maintenance that will be done in late June may impact the availability.   The U-10 fields will be available as they are.  Elaine will provide him the option of using the U-10 fields.  The Board will ask for proof of insurance.  We will also let him know that a kit-mo will not be available at this location.  Shannon made a motion to allow him to use the fields.  Greg Stevens seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

By-laws and Rules and Regulations Review

Elaine provided a copy of the MCYSA By Laws to the Board Members.  The KYSA By Laws are also provided.  There have been instances where the roster size may have been increased in the past to allow children to play.  A KYSA representative noticed the roster size of some teams and stated that we should be careful in the future not to violate the KYSA rules.

Greg discussed that the U8 division went to 6 v 6 in recent years.  What are the reasons for changing from 7 v 7 to 6 v 6?  Scott felt that 6 v 6 was the more appropriate ratio for the U8 size fields.  The decision should be made season by season based on number of players and teams.  Sean Walsh made a motion to change the U8 players on the field to 7 v 7 and a roster maximum of 14.  This will be reviewed at the pre-season Board Meeting to determine if any changes should be made.  Greg seconded the motion which passed unanimously.  

Fall Registration

Mark requested Elaine put a calendar together for the next year.

A preliminary schedule is:

July 5 – Information to Printer

July 11 – Mail information to players

July 22-23 - Walk-up registration

August 13 - Walk-up registration – Late fee applies after 13th

August 18 – Coaches Meeting, Rosters Available

August 25 – refund cut-off and officially registration closing

August 27 – Work Day, Schedules Available

September 10 – First Game Day

No games on 10/8 due to fall break.  11/5 is make-up day

Sean requested that a flyer been sent to the schools about the registration. 

Shannon made a motion to allow the League 1 software program to select teams versus having the open draw process used in the past.  Kevin seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Elaine made a motion to pay the annual fee for the additional League 1 modules (approximately $200) to use the automated features and streamline various administrative responsibilities for the league and offer on-line registration.  Shannon seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Coaches Thank you dinner

Kevin talked about the coaches’ recognition and cook-out for the Illinois’ teams.  Kevin’s proposal will cost $500 for the event.  This event will also have newspaper coverage for promotion of the league.  The Board agreed to provide the money to fund the event.

It was suggested that the coaches dinner be on August 18 and have the coaches meeting at the same time.  The dinner will be at Casa Mexicana at approximately $6 per person.  Coaches will be paid for by the league.

Shannon and Greg suggested that we also start developing a coaches’ packet of information to help train them.  This will also include a DVD instructional video.  Mark made a motion to order 50 DVDs in order to provide each coach with this information.  Elaine seconded the motion which was approved unanimously.

MLS Camp

Camp registration is filling up.  Arrangements are being made to house the coaches.

Field Repairs

The contract for the repairs is in place with Tri Turf.  The repairs will be completed by June 30.  We should request from the Tri Turf personnel their suggestions for keeping the fields in good condition in the future.


Jack Butler suggested that we go ahead and fertilize the fields now based on it being the appropriate time of year.  It has cost approximately $1000 in the past.  It was recommended to fertilize three times a year.  We will most likely do it twice.  The Board approved for Mark to go ahead and request the service for the field.

Practice Areas for Fall 05

The Board had previously discussed breaking up the practice areas and making them smaller to have more areas.  The area is un-level and reversing the play area may make it a problem for running.  It is still recommended that we make this additional area and move the goals located at Nobel Park to the MCYSA fields.  This can be done on June 11.

Season End Work Day

June 11, 2005, at 8:00.

New Officers for MCYSA

President – Available – Mark Davis will stay until a new one is identified

Vice President – Van Newberry will continue

Secretary – Tracey Brindley is the new member

Treasurer – Sean Walsh will continue

Registrar – Dave Althouse is the new member

Director of Scheduling – Brett Draffen

Director of Coaching – Greg Holtgrewe will continue

Referee Assignor – Scott Kirkpatrick is the new member

Illinois Coordinator – Kevil McDonald will continue

Competitive Team Director – Shannon Andrews will continue

Elaine made a motion to accept this slate of officers.  Mark seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

The next board meeting will be Thursday July 7, 2005 at 6:00 pm