McCracken County Youth Soccer Association


The McCracken County Youth Soccer Association board met at 6:00 pm, Thursday March 3, 2005 at Lone Oak United Methodist Church.  The following were present:


Board Members:       Mark Davis, Shannon Andrews, Brett Draffen, Sean Walsh, Greg Stevens,                               Elaine Stevens, Greg Holtgrewe, Lisa Oetjen


Guests:           Kelly Davis


Mark Davis called the meeting to order at 6:15 PM and established a quorum.




The minutes of the January 6, 2005 meeting were distributed and were available in hard copy format at the meeting.  A motion by Brett Draffen was made to approve the minutes and Elaine Stevens seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


Financial Report / Plan for Audit


Sean Walsh reported that with the money in the savings account, the league has purchased CD’s at 3.5% and there is also a Liquid CD program in place for future accumulation of funds for expenditures.  Mr. Walsh also reported MCYSA has a separate account for expenditures such as referee pay, field paint, nets, etc.  Mark Davis reported plans for an audit after the spring season is in the works.  MCYSA needs the assistance of a Certified Public Accountant to look over the financial records prior to an audit for advice.  Board members were asked to recommend a CPA they currently use or know.


Concession Stand


Mark Davis reported he had been unsuccessful contacting someone from the Boy Scouts about concessions.  Lisa Oetjen stated there have been problems with the concession stand not being open on some game days and also not open prior to the first games of the day.  Mrs. Oetjen suggested guidelines be established for concession operations to give everyone an operating schedule.  Mr. Davis will check into guidelines for the league.


Shannon Andrews and Elaine Stevens both reported they have been unsuccessful contacting someone with the vocational school regarding painting the league’s concession trailer.  Mrs. Stevens stated she would continue trying to contact the school.  Lisa Oetjen reported she has informed several Boy Scouts in need of an Eagle Project the league’s need to repair the inside of the trailer, she will report to the Board if any are interested at a later date.




Sean Walsh reported KitMos (portable restrooms) will be in locations marked on the Spring 2005 Field Map.  MCYSA will acquire the use of 5 units this season.  Mr. Walsh is contacting KitMo for a contract and delivery of the units.


Jamboree / Opening Day Activities


Greg Holtgrewe is in charge of the Jamboree.  Mr. Holtgrewe reported the Jamboree has now been changed to the Fall 2005 season.  The Jamboree will be for recreational teams and is basically a tournament without scores.  The focus of the Jamboree is player skills and using U6, U8, and U10 teams with a 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 format to give players a learning day.  Mr. Holtgrewe also reported Kohl’s is a major USYSA (United States Youth Soccer Association) supporter and he is researching this for promotional purposes of our league.


Kelly Davis and Brooke Harris are in charge of the opening day activates.  The date is April 16, 2005.  This will be a fundraiser for MCYSA.  Mrs. Davis reported the following will be set up for the activities:  Large blow-up slide for children provided by Corndog; Back Yard Burgers will be selling box lunches for $4.50 and MCYSA will receive 20% of the total amount sold; a dunking booth for “Dunk the Refs”; Soccer Kick; MCYSA clings will be sold and face painting and tattoos will be available.  Mrs. Davis wishes to establish a “Carnival Atmosphere” for the children to kick off the season.  Brooke Harris is working on advertising the event.  Mark Davis reported he asked the Boy Scouts to begin serving concession the second week of the season (4/23/05) in order to avoid concession conflicts during the opening day activities.


Soccer Camp


Mark Davis asked Sean Walsh about British Soccer and if he had spoken to Davy Asprey with MLS Soccer.  Mr. Walsh reported the cost per camper is $95.00 with British Soccer and he is waiting on a contract from Dave Asprey with MLS to see which the board wants to accept.  The unofficial dates for soccer camp is 6/6/05 – 6/11/05.  At present MCYSA does not have a coordinator for camp.  The board is looking at incentives for a coordinator to get the camp running.


Cancellation Procedures


MCYSA has no set policy in place.  The board discussed at length how to go about setting up a policy.  Shannon Andrews suggested having a rotation basis in order to alleviate the responsibility of one person having to present to the complex each and every game day.  Greg Holtgrewe questioned if anyone knew how other associations handled cancellations.  Lisa Oetjen stated she would contact Marshall and Graves County associations for information about their policies.  Mr. Andrews will draft a policy and present at the April board meeting.


Refund Procedures


Mark Davis questioned how the league responds to requests for refunds.  Elaine Stevens reported a request must be in writing directly to her.  Mrs. Stevens stated an email will suffice but phone calls do not meet the leagues’ requirements.  Mrs. Stevens and Sean Walsh will meet after the cutoff date of 3/6/05 to cut checks of those requesting refunds.  Checks will go out after 3/26/05.


Practice Areas


Mark Davis reported that the Concord Practice area is in need of nets and goal anchoring.  Mr. Davis stated the John Wright, Concord Elementary principal asked the goals be anchored.  Mr. Davis also reported the practice area appears smooth to the eye but is rough and uneven when walked on.  He advised any team practicing in the area be informed.  Greg Stevens volunteered to make the anchors and put them in place.  Sean Walsh is in charge of obtaining two 8’ X 24” nets for Concord practice area.


Work Days


The following days have been established as work days for MCYSA:  Saturday, March 12 for competitive fields and Saturday March 26 for the rest of the complex.  Brett Draffen has all field dimensions and will bring copies to work day.  Coaches and other volunteers are asked to assist with work day in order to complete the tasks.


Referees for Games Prior to Scheduling Meeting


Mark Davis voiced a concern about games scheduled prior to the referee scheduling meetings; he did not know how this was handled.  Greg Stevens reported this occurs every season and experienced referees are contacted by phone and/or email to fill the positions.  This has not posed a problem for MCYSA.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.  The next monthly meeting is scheduled for 7:00 PM, Thursday April 14, 2005 at Lone Oak United Methodist Church.