McCracken County Youth Soccer Association


The McCracken County Youth Soccer Association met at 7:00 PM, on Thursday, November 4, 2004 at the Lone Oak Methodist Church.  The following persons were in attendance:


Board Members Present:

Greg Stevens                Shannon Andrews        Brett Draffen                Mark Davis

Elaine Stevens             


Guests Present:

Scott Kirkpatrick          Brooke Harris


Mark Davis called the meeting to order and established a quorum.


Registration Refunds


Mark Davis inquired about the status of a refund for an individual that had not received the check.  Elaine Stevens reported that the check had been written on October 10, 2004 and mailed on October 12, 2004.  Since the check had not been received, Ms. Stevens agreed to put a hold on the check and issue a new one on November 5, 2004. 




After a brief discussion, Shannon Andrews made a motion to require that agenda items be submitted to the Secretary 72 hours prior to a regular meeting and that the agenda be posted on the web and emailed to the coaches.  Ms. Stevens seconded the motion which passed unanimously. 




Mr. Davis distributed a budget for the coming year that was prepared based on information that Treasurer Sean Walsh had provided.  Mr. Davis asked the Board to review the draft document and be prepared to provide input at the next meeting. 


Practice Areas


Brooke Harris presented an agreement for use of the Concord Elementary School property as practice fields.  Mr. Davis agreed complete the agreement on behalf of the Association and return it to Ms. Harris.







Minimum Referee Age


Following a brief discussion, Mr. Andrews made a motion to require referees to be at least age 12 at the time of the certification training each year.  Mr. Draffen moved to second the motion with all present voting yes. 


Spring 05 Calendar


Brett Draffen distributed a draft calendar for the spring 05 soccer season.  After making some minor modifications Mr. Andrews moved to approve the proposed calendar.  Ms. Stevens seconded the motion which passed with no opposition.


Pay Schedule


Greg Stevens reported that no show teams were costing the Association a significant amount of money because these games were later rescheduled which means the referees are paid twice.  Mr. Stevens is working with David Fish to develop a new pay schedule for referees and he will also recommend a policy to address the no show events as well. 


Other Business


Mr. Davis reported that he had talked to Pat Stephenson and that the County was still planning on constructing a maintenance building for the Association.  This project will be pursued by Mr. Stephenson this winter. 


Mr. Davis will poll the Board via email regarding their availability for a December Board meeting.