AUGUST 4, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

In attendance were Mark Davis, Elaine Stevens, Greg Stevens, Greg Holtgrewe, Shannon Andrews, Brooke Harris, Brett Draffen and Russ Flynn.

Mark brought up issue of the Board meeting time during soccer season. The September meeting will be at 7 p.m. After soccer season we will go back to 6 p.m..

Minutes were passed around for everyone to read. Greg Holtgrewe made motion to accept the minutes as presented; Greg Stevens seconded the motion. All approved.

Financial Report: Copies were passed out of the spring season. Reviewed and discussed. Bad checks were discussed. Elaine will get with Sean to help get this taken care of and make the initial contact to recuperate the funds.

Referee Recertification/Certification Fees on the financial report were questioned. This fee came from having to pay for a minimum number of participants at the last certification and not all that committed to coming showed up. It was discussed that we do an upfront pay for registration in the future.

Referee incentives were brought up by Russ Flynn. Examples would be:

Referee 50 games and get $100 bonus.

Paying more for refereeing a competitive game vs. a recreational game.

Referee’s need to be made aware that if a game does not have a referee and their game has a minimum of a center that they need to switch off. Mark has asked that Greg work up a suggested bonus schedule. It was also brought up that if a referee doesn’t show up x number of games that they lose the rest of their games. Greg and Brett will draft up a list of referee responsibilities to be given out.

Brett asked about posting referee schedules on the web. Shannon motioned to post; Brett 2nd; all in favor.

Shannon suggested for the spring season about reaching out to the graduating seniors about refereeing.


Shannon reported 7 teams in our league. The scheduling meeting is scheduled to be at Crounse Hall, Room 101, at 7 pm. He has invited Vicki Johns to the Coaches meeting on the 12th to sign competitive paperwork. Elaine can email all coaches when this is final.

Russ Flynn: Now responsible for 4 select teams to form a Futbol club within MCYSA. This will open the door for competitive tournaments. There is a club fee of $25 to belong to the organization. We are behind in getting in the loop this fall. Hopefully this will help draw back some that have gone to JPFC. Will also open up the door for tournaments and maybe appeal for support from the city and county government. Effects to the Association: Club fee of $25; earlier start on the season; larger blocks of practice time.

Could possibly get in the spring season. Asking from the Association to start the season early; schedule some games earlier than the rec. season; work on getting Shephard Fields back for our use. Carl Baker will be the liaison from the Storm.

Elaine will check with KYSA on registration process for the Futbol club.

Mark and others will put together a list of conveniences to the city to propose at a city meeting for help.

Elaine suggested the Drury fields for their exclusive use. We also need to pursue other practice sites.

Shannon suggested taking the offered area behind the U6 fields and preparing an area this fall to begin a new field. Mark suggested hiring out this job. Mark will bring this information back to the next meeting.

Shannon made a motion to have a competitive try-out day to help promote the competitive teams in the spring season with advertisement and support. Greg Holtgrewe 2nd; all in favor.

TOP SOCCER: Lisa Clark could not attend this evening. Table this for the spring season. She has been invited to attend the Sept. meeting with paperwork.


Mark has asked that a board member act as a liaison for each age division to coordinate at work day.

Brooke volunteered to help be coordinator on work day to help direct people.

U6: Greg Holtgrewe

U8: Van Newberry

U10: Shannon Andrews

U12S Mark Davis

U12F Brett Draffen

Mark has asked Sean to purchase more nets and paint.

Mark has asked about spraying weed killer around the edges of the goal. Elaine offered to set up a charge account at Hank Bros. for MCYSA. She will get the needed supplies for work day, including weed killer to spray around the goals.

Brett will ask Lee about coming to work day. It was suggested that some go out on Friday to find corners to make Saturday go quicker.

Some coaches have asked about doing a pre-season work day due to not being available on the scheduled day. It was suggested that the following items could be taken care of prior to work day if they wanted to help out: Paint goals; paint trash cans; remove U6 and U8 nets

Brett has all of field dimensions and numbers taken care of. Numbers need to be

installed on work day.

PARKING LOT: Mark has a resource to help get the parking lot fixed.

BUILDING: To be placed in the corner of the U10 road and parking lot. Mark is working with the county on this project.

OPEN DRAW: It is already on the calendar for this year so we feel obligated to go through with it. Elaine will come up with a method to do this; but we will discontinue the Open Draw process in the future due to the new program in place by KYSA.

INJURED PLAYER WAIVER: A player on Clyde McSparin’s team has a broken leg and is unable to play this fall. He is asking for a waiver to keep her on his roster so she doesn’t lose her spot. She has offered to pay the state fees if that will keep her on the roster. This player will not apply towards drop/add because rosters run for a full season fall/spring. She can not pay just insurance.

GENERATOR: Table until discussion of new concession stand.

LEAGUE CELL PHONE: Alternative would be a 2 way radio or short wave radio. Table till September.

KICK OFF: postponed until spring.

FINALIZE TEAMS / COACH ASSIGNMENTS: Elaine will get Greg Holtgrewe a list of teams without coaches so he can begin working in this.

ROAD DEPARTMENT THANK YOU: Lisa is working on this.

FAZOLI’S: was very receptive to us putting out our sign. Brooke will send a thank you.

LONE OAK FIRST BAPTIST: Agreed to our terms. They would like 2 fields on Sept. 4 for evaluation.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 p.m.