McCracken County Youth Soccer Association
Minutes - July 2004


The McCracken County Youth Soccer Association Board met at 6:30 PM, Thursday July 1, 2004 at Lone Oak United Methodist Church. The following persons were present:

Board Members: Mark Davis, Elaine Stevens, Lisa Oetjen, Greg Holtgrewe, Greg Stevens

Guests: Shannon Andrews, Brooke Harris

Mark Davis called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM and established a quorum.

Prior to the meeting, all board members introduced themselves to Brooke Harris. Brooke recently moved to the area and has expressed and interest in becoming more involved with the soccer program. She was invited to participate in tonight’s meeting.



The minutes of the May 6 and June 3, 2004 meetings were distributed and were available in hard copy format at the meeting. Elaine Stevens made a motion to approve the minutes as printed. Greg Stevens seconded the motion which passed unanimously.




Mark Davis questioned how officers were elected in the past. Elaine Stevens responded "Whoever would step up to the office." Mark read over the list of the current officers and established the official core board and outlying committee members. The core or voting board members are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Director of Scheduling, Director of Officiating, Director of Coaching, Director of Competitive Teams, and Illinois Coordinator. The nonvoting or committee members include: Tournament coordinator, Field Preparation Coordinator, U-6 Division Representative, U-8 Division Representative, U-10 Representative, and U-12 Representative. Mark also expressed his intent for each officer to train persons to serve in their positions before their term expires.


Due to Rick Straub not being able to return to the Director of Competitive Teams board position, an opening has been formed. Lisa Oetjen nominated Shannon Andrews for the open position. Mark Davis made a motion to accept Mr. Andrews and Greg Holtgrewe seconded the motion. Favor – All. Opposed – None.


Mr. Andrews will begin his duties as the Director of Competitive Teams immediately. He will contact Rick Straub and obtain the necessary materials for the position.


Mark also expressed an interest in having age division representatives on the board. The persons in these positions would be nonvoting committee members. Mark asked the board to consider selecting persons as the first representatives and establishing an election policy for future members. The board agreed unanimously on this decision.


Mid Continent Soccer Camps


Mark reported the camps are scheduled for the last week of July and first week of August. He stressed the fields need to be made available and mowed prior to the camps. Greg and Elaine Stevens will take care of the field maintenance prior to the camps. Mark discussed the need of a Kit-Mo during the camps; he reported the cost would be $54.00 for the two weeks. The cost breaks down as follows: $15.00 / week + $24.00 pick-up/delivery cost = $54.00. He stated it would be a good idea to leave one Kit-Mo at the complex year round. Elaine made a motion to leave one Kit-Mo in place year round (except November through February) and Lisa Oetjen seconded the motion. In Favor – All. Opposed – None.


Mark will contact Kirk Edwards with Kit-Mo regarding the delivery.


Field Maintenance


Mark questioned how this has been handled in the past years. Greg and Elaine Stevens explained the procedure to the board. Sean Walsh had suggested to Mark that during the hot months the board hire someone to water the complex. Greg and Elaine explained that the watering is a strenuous job. Lisa Oetjen raised the question about asking the Class D Inmates program to take on the task. Elaine stated their schedules were not set and was unsure if they could do this. Greg and Elaine will notify the board when the heavy watering needs to begin and will comprise a schedule. Mark feels we have missed our window for seeding and asked if the board would like to see dips with grass or bare level playing areas. The board stated unanimously the bare areas would be much better for the players. Currently the McCracken County Road Department is scheduled to fill the larger depressions. The areas have been marked with white paint. Mark has asked the large sand piles be left for the association to use during the season when necessary.


Greg Stevens questioned if Jack Butler has fertilized the fields. Mark stated that he has not; he has only treated the fields for crab grass. Elaine stated she will call Mr. Butler to confirm he is not going to fertilize the fields. Mark asked the board for approval to make major changes at the end of the fall season. The board unanimously approved and will discuss at a later board meeting the changes that need to be made to the complex.


Insurance Claim


Mark was contacted by Tracy Caldwell regarding and injury her son received while playing in a tournament in Owensboro. The child is a registered player for MCYSA. Mark provided Mrs. Caldwell with the necessary information by referring her to our insurance website. MCYSA carries insurance on each registered player through via KYSA.


Building Update


Mark spoke with Steve Doolittle regarding the passing of the June 30, 2004 deadline for MCYSA’s storage building. Mr. Doolittle assured Mark that even though the deadline has passed, the money is still budgeted for MCYSA storage building. Pat Stephens (McCracken County Road Department) told Mark the money is still there and they will begin construction as soon as Mr. Doolittle gives the approval. Mr. Stephens questioned Mark on the location of the building and stated vandalism is still a concern. The board has recommended the building be located at the entrance to the complex on the right hand side of the complex drive, near the new U-10 fields’ entrance drive.


Building proposals: 30’ x 30’ with concrete floor; vinyl siding; electricity; water; 36" entry door; 10" garage door with remote; with possible addition of small office space inside. Elaine stated that once Mark receives the blueprints, the board goes over them to make sure changes are made before the prints are finalized.



Parking Lot


Mark spoke with Pat Stephens (McCracken County Road Department) regarding the condition of the complex’s parking lot. The Road Department will obtain someone to mill off the high areas push over to the low sections and pave. The county does not have the equipment to do the project alone. Mark will contact Pat again regarding this matter since it is a high priority and needs to be completed before the fall season begins.


Field Configuration and Numbering


Mark questioned the board about adding a second U-12 Short Sided field. He has received requests from coaches to do so. The new field would be in the old U-10 Recreational field section of the complex. Shannon Andrews suggested shifting the new U-10 fields up in order to establish a practice area on the County Park Road side of the fields. He suggested the board look at this for the fall season. Elaine asked about the possibility of adding another U-6 field due to the number of teams involved – this is a long term goal.


Mark asked if any board members knew of any top soil available. Top soil will be needed to develop a new area of the complex being considered. This is also a long term goal for the association.


Shannon Andrews made a motion to add another U-12 Short Sided field and U-10 practice area and Elaine Stevens seconded the motion. In Favor – All. Opposed – None.


Mark suggested numbering the fields due to much confusion by parents and players. The fields are currently called U-6 Field 1, U-6 Field 2, U-8 Field 1, U-8 Field 2, U-10 Rec Field, U-10 Comp Field, U-12 SS Field, U-12 Rec Field and U-12 Comp Field. Mark feels a numeric system would alleviate confusion. Lisa Oetjen commented that each field must have a sign designating its number. Mark is going to check with Pat Stephens (McCracken County Road Department) about obtaining signs for the fields.


Brett Draffen is to be notified of all field changes so he can modify the field map that is in the scheduling software.




Elaine reported all the fees have been paid.


Upward Soccer Program


Van Newberry was absent for the meeting and the board was unable to get information about the progress. Elaine stated the proposal needs to be made and Mr. Martin contacted. Mark is going to contact Van to check his progress. The board agreed upon a charge of $15.00 per child for maintenance fees. Shannon Andrews made a motion to give Mr. Martin a proposal per Van and once the verbal answer received, have Mr. Martin attend the next board meeting to confirm and finalize plans. Elaine seconded the motion. In Favor – All. Opposed – None.


Road Department Thank You


Lisa Oetjen is to set up a lunch at the county road department as a thank you for the work they have done for the association. Lisa will contact Evelyn Smith 442-9163 on a date and have Neil’s catering provide the meal.


TOPS Soccer


Elaine was approached by Lisa Clark (MCYSA parent) and questioned if MCYSA has ever considered the TOPS Soccer program. TOPS soccer is open to all mentally and/or physically challenged youth between the ages of 6-19 years of age residing in the county hosting the program. The program is offered at no cost to the athletes. This is a community based program using volunteers to work with these special athletes to let them experience the thrill of participating in a sport. The board read a report from Marshall County Soccer Association regarding TOPS soccer and they have just completed its first full year of play. Shannon Andrews is going to contact George Karch regarding the program and concerns and he will present his findings at the August board meeting. Lisa Oetjen stated that another parent in the league, Dawn Carroll, has also asked about the program and Mark is contacting her to see if she is still interested.




Elaine brought in Marshall County’s registration form for the board to see. She would like to use this as a template to change our standard form. The board agreed this was a better format to use and Elaine should proceed and send out to the players.


Lisa will check with Brett Draffen about the registration ad being placed in the Paducah Sun. Brett needs to talk with Elaine about registration and make sure they are not doing double duty on items.


Brooke Harris volunteered to find where banners can be obtained for our league to use to announce registration. Lisa Oetjen is to email to Brooke the wording for the banners.


Elaine presented to the board the disclosure forms IYSA (Illinois Youth Soccer Association) use. The board agreed these were very informative and Mark suggested creating a Kentucky form to use for our association. KYSA has in place a Kid Safe policy for risk management and Greg Stevens suggested contacting Jim Setters (KYSA Risk Management Coordinator) to ask how to go about putting a Risk Management Coordinator in place for MCYSA. Mark suggested MCYSA use the disclosure forms this fall and get procedures and person in place for risk management as soon as possible. The RMC (Risk Management Coordinator) will not be affiliated with MCYSA in any way and should be in place for the spring season. Shannon Andrews made a motion to accept using the disclosure forms and Greg Stevens seconded the motion. In Favor – All. Opposed – None.


Mark is going to contact the Police Departments to see if they have someone in place that currently does Risk Management.




Elaine asked that the following changes be made to the fall calendar:

Change walk up registration to Saturday, July 24, 2004 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

And also for Saturday, July 31, 2004 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM both sessions will be held at

The MCYSA Complex concession stand.






The board is currently unable to vote on the by-laws. The MCYSA player rule modifications need to be added to the bylaws. Lisa Oetjen is responsible for providing Elaine a printed copy of the associations rule modifications. Elaine asked for any other changes to the bylaws and there were no further changes.


Closing Business


Mark asked the board what the agreement was with the Boy Scouts and the concession stand. He has information on a fund-raiser from Outback Steak House. Mark is going to check with Julie Johnson regarding this issue.


Mark presented to the board the idea of having a "Kick Off" day at the start of the season. A parent has approached him several times asking about having such an event. Mark is going to speak with Susie Sigler (interested party) and ask her to present a proposal at the August board meeting.


Shannon stated several coaches have questioned about the goals not being weighted down. The board agreed this must be done. Mark will check on getting sand bags for the weights and will notify board members on time to fill and place the bags.


Shannon also stated the nets at the complex need to be taken down between seasons. The nets can deteriorate rapidly due to exposure to the elements, children climbing on them, and mowing around them. The board agreed this was an excellent idea and would be carried through.


Shannon requested that in next month’s board meeting we discuss adding a Fund-Raising Coordinator position to the board. He commented this would be an excellent asset for long term goals.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM. The next monthly meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM, Thursday, August 5, 2004 at Lone Oak United Methodist Church.