McCracken County Youth Soccer Association

June 2004 Board Meeting Minutes

McCracken County Youth Soccer Association

The McCracken County Youth Soccer Association Board met at 6:00 PM, on Thursday, June 3, 2004 at Lone Oak United Methodist Church. The following were present:

Board Members: Mark Davis, Greg Holtgrewe, Greg Stevens, Van Newberry, Lisa Oetjen

Guests: Brett Draffen, Shannon Andrews

Mark Davis called the meeting to order at 6:10 PM and established a quorum.


The minutes of the May 6, 2004 meeting were not currently available and Mark made a motion the minutes be read for approval at the July board meeting. Greg S. seconded the motion.

Director of Scheduling Replacement

The board accepted the resignation of Craig Rogers as the director of scheduling. Brett Draffen was nominated by Lisa Oetjen for the open position. Mark Davis made a motion to accept Mr. Draffen and Greg Stevens seconded the motion. In Favor - All. Opposed - None.

Mr. Draffen will begin his duties as the director of scheduling immediately. He will be working in conjunction with Lee Blackburn (past Director of Scheduling) and obtain the necessary software to prepare the schedules.

Calendar Dates

A rough draft of the fall calendar was presented and the following changes were made: Work Day moved to August 28, 2004 Advertisements to be on July 17, 18, 24, and 25 in the Paducah Sun Competitive Late Fee changed to August 16, 2004 Games begin on September 11, 2004 Rain Date November 6, 2004

Greg Stevens will take the rough draft home for Elaine to look over and send any other changes to Brett for the final copy. Elaine needs to review the calendar for registration purposes.

Field Maintenance

Brett Draffen opened a discussion about having an End of Season Work Day. Mark suggested the work day be Saturday, June 12, 2004 at 9:00 AM - in case of rain, the date would be changed. The work to be done would include taking up and storing corner flags and nets; placing the benches in the shelter next to the concession stand; trash pick-up; checking to see how the U-6 fields are doing and if the other needs to be moved.

Fall Season Field Layout

Mark suggested that during the End of Season Work day all fields be evaluated to see which if any of the current fields need to be moved. If there are any changes, he will contact Lee Blackburn with the new layout.

Open Board Positions

Mark suggested that Tracy Brindley and Rick Straub be contacted regarding their board positions. He was unsure if they still wanted to serve on the board. Lisa Oetjen is to contact Tracy Brindley and Mark Davis is to contact Rick Straub.

Greg Stevens was nominated by Lisa Oetjen to serve as the Director of Officiating. Greg Holtgrewe made a motion to accept Mr. Stevens and Van Newberry seconded the motion. In Favor - All. Opposed - None.

Mr. Stevens will begin his duties as the Director of Officiating in August. He will be working in conjunction with Lisa Oetjen (past Director of Officiating) and obtain the necessary materials needed to coordinate the referees for MCYSA.

The Field Preparation position is now open and Mark Davis will check with Sean Walsh about this position.

Lisa Oetjen was asked to contact Scott Green about becoming a board member. Mr. Green has expressed interest in becoming more involved with the association.

Mark Davis discussed creating U-6, U-8, U-10, and U-12 Representatives on the board. This could help with communication to coaches, players, and parents. He also suggested training replacement officers prior to an officers’ term ending. Greg Holtgrewe suggested adding this to the next board meeting.


This item was tabled and a special meeting was scheduled for Thursday, June 24, 2004 at 6:30 PM. Elaine is in charged of obtaining and writing the by-laws prior to the meeting.

Noble Park Conflicts

Mark asked about the Noble Park goal relocation. Greg Holtgrewe stated the goals were now at the H. C. Mathis location. Mark questioned why we continue to use the Noble Park area. Trace Stevens told Mark that the Paducah Parks Department Policy was “First come, first served.” Trace Stevens stated we could establish a contract with the Parks Department for use of the goals. Greg H. spoke with Mr. Coursey regarding the matter to try and work out conflicts. Greg H. will be contacting Mr. Coursey with the fall schedule to decrease conflicts and get a contract.

Upward Soccer Program

Van Newberry is heading this area. He stated there was a possible insurance problem; he said the kids have to be in our league except if they have their own insurance. Van brought up the “Good Faith Effort” and questioned if we could do this and what would be the maintenance costs. Field maintenance is the only item MCYSA would charge the Upward program for. The main oppositions brought forth were: 1. Will this drag players from MCYSA? 2. Are the fees less expensive than MCYSA? 3. Because this is a religious organization, would others wish to come on board? The board felt this could be done with and insurance letter absolving MCYSA and charging a maintenance fee. Van Newberry will contact Bob Martin regarding the discussion. The board also discussed that the fields would not be available for practice, only game dates.

New Building

Mark stated the county is building the new maintenance shed. It will be 30’ x 30’ with concrete floor; vinyl siding; electric; 36” door; 10’ garage door with remote and water. Mark will email the final plans to the board members and get a placement decision.

Mid-Continent Camp

The board voted to allow Mid-Continent to use the complex for their clinic. The final number of participants is not available. The camp is scheduled for July 26 - 30, 2004.

Road Department Thank You

Lisa Oetjen is to set up a lunch at the County Road Department as a thank you. She will contact Neil’s Catering for the meal. Greg S. made a motion and Greg H. seconded. The contact person at the department is Evelyn Smith 442-9163.

John Haverkamp Letter

Mark brought a letter in for the board to read from past coach John Haverkamp. Mr. Haverkamp has a history of being very verbal with the kids. He wants to come back to MCYSA and coach in the fall. Mark will write a general letter from the board and invite Mr. Haverkamp to the July board meeting. Many responses from parents have been received by the board expressing the fact that they did not want Mr. Haverkamp as a coach for their child.

Phone Chain for Game Cancellations

A phone chain needs to be established in order to reach all parties involved in game cancellations. Lisa Oetjen is to set up the policy and procedure for such cancellations. The phone chain will be distributed to all board members, coaches, and concession stand workers when completed.

Alex Argotte

Mark mailed the letter to Mr. Argotte and received a response. Mr. Argotte did not feel his language was inappropriate and felt is was his right to stay on the field during his team’s game. Mark feels this issue has been resolved.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM. The next monthly board meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM, Thursday, July 1, 2004 at Lone Oak United Methodist Church.