McCracken County Youth Soccer Association

April 2004 Board Meeting Minutes

The McCracken County Youth Soccer Association Board met at 7:00 PM, on Monday, April 12, 2004 at the Lone Oak Methodist Church. The following persons were present:

Board Members: Lisa Oetjen, Greg Holtgrewe, Elaine Stevens, Mark Davis, Van Newberry, Sean Walsh

Guests: Brett Draffen, Todd Isenberg


The minutes of the March 8, 2004 meeting were distributed by email and were available in hard copy format at the meeting. Lisa Oetjen made a motion to approve the minutes as printed. Elaine Stevens seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Financial Report

Sean Walsh reported that Association financial matters were in order. The Board briefly discussed refunds to kids that were unable to play for various reasons.

Goals Relocation

Mark Davis reported that he had been contact by Trace Stevens at the Paducah Parks Department about the possibility of moving one of the Noble Park goals to the HC Mathis Drive fields. Since several Association teams are using these fields so Mark asked the Parks Department to leave the goals at the Noble Park site. It was the consensus of the Board that one set of 6í x 12í goals be made available to Parks after the new goals are in place. Mark will contact Trace regarding this matter.

Lone Oak First Baptist

Mark reported that Bob Martin with Lone Oak First Baptist Church had inquired about using the fields at the complex for the Upward Soccer Program. The Board was willing to discuss this program with Mr. Martin. Mark will invite him to the May Board meeting to provide additional information.

Team Donation Pass Through

Mark informed the Board that Bellsouth had agreed to sponsor Scott Greenís team however they are required to make the donation to a non profit agency. It was the consensus of the Board that Bellsouth could make the donation to the MCYSA and that the Association could forward this amount to Mr. Green. Mark will advise Mr. Green to contact Association Treasurer Sean Walsh to coordinate this activity.

MLS PDO for Fall 2004

Mark distributed material provided by Dave Asprey regarding the Major League Soccer Player Development Officer program. The PDO program provides coaches with professional training. Mark asked the Board to consider this proposal and be prepared to vote on the issue at the May meeting.

Alternate Meeting Date

Due to scheduling conflicts, the Board is going to try to meet on the first Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be on May 6, 2004, at 7:00 pm, at Lone Oak Methodist Church.

Sportsmanship Signs

The Board discussed the best way to post the code of conduct signs that Shannon Andrews has provided. Elaine will discuss the best way to post these signs with Pat Stevenson.

Referee/Field Scheduling

There continues to be confusion over scheduling of fields which leads to problems in assigning referees. After a lengthy discussion, the Board agreed that Elaine will request each comp teamís schedule via email. Elaine and Lisa will then reproduce the schedule manually and attempt to resolve conflicts.

Drury Inn Practice Field

Mark advised the Board that Jeff at Drury Suites had approved the continued use of the property adjacent to his hotel for soccer practice. This site is now available for anyone that is willing to maintain the field.

Continued Development of the Soccer Complex

Mark reported that he had a conversation with Steve Doolittle regarding the potential use of property adjacent to the complex for the development of additional fields. While no commitment was made, Steve was receptive to considering a formal proposal from the Association.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.