McCracken County Youth Soccer Association


The McCracken County Youth Soccer Association met at 6:00 PM, on Monday, January 12, 2004 in the Paducah Parks Department conference room. The following persons were present:

Lisa Oetjen, Greg Holtgrewe, Elaine Stevens, Jackie Lang, Mark Davis

Finalize Spring Calendar

Several revisions were made to the preliminary calendar developed at the November 2003 meeting. The Association work day was moved back to March 20, 2004. Saturday, April 24, 2004 was designated as Silent Saturday.

Mark Davis will request a copy of the Associationís insurance policy to ensure that all designated practice areas are listed.

Registration Form & Mailing

Elaine Stevens reviewed changes to the league registration form intended to clarify and improve the process.

Laptop & Printer

Ms. Stevens continues to shop for a laptop. The Association will continue to use the borrowed printer for now.

MLS PDO Proposal

It was agreed that the MLS proposal would be considered for the fall 2004 season and that a MLS representative would be invited to provide additional information.

New Goals

Materials for four new goals are expected to arrive this week. Greg Stevens and Jack Butler have made arrangements for West Kentucky Technical and Community College welding class to assemble the goals.

Reaction to Competitive Rules

So far reaction to the new procedures distributed by Rick Straub have been mild. Several coaches have expressed concern about the need to be flexible due to circumstance beyond their control such as weather. Everyone agreed that this would be taken into consideration.

The new procedures will be discussed at the February 26, 2004 scheduleing meeting and will be posted on the Association web site.

Location for Referee Clinic

Lisa Oetjen reported that the referee clinic would be at Lone Oak Middle School and that there would be no charge for the meeting space.

Lee Blackburnís Continued Role

The feeling that Lee Blackburn continue to be involved in MCYSA activities as long he is willing was unanimous. At this time, Mr. Blackburn is serving as the Associationís webmaster and advises the Board on numerous other issues.

Loren Biggers Concerns

The Board discussed Mr. Biggers concerns at length and Mark Davis agreed to share this response with Mr. Biggers.

Fall Refunds

Ms. Stevens reported that she has worked with Sean Walsh and that all fall 03 refunds have been made at this time.

Other Business

Mr. Davis will contact the County Road Department to make sure that it is ok to continue to store the Association mower on their property. Mr. Davis will also discuss access to the area.

Following a brief discussion, it was agreed that the Stevens would mow the field playing areas in order to reduce mowing costs. Ms. Stevens will present a proposal at the next meeting.

Due to KYSA rules changes and in an effort to be consistent with neighboring Associations, the following U10 rules were agreed to:

Offsides will be called

Penalty kick is replaced with an indirect free kick, other infractions outside of the penalty area will have direct free kicks

50í x 70" playing area

13 on roster

7 v 7

A second attempt will be allowed on throw ins with an explanation from the ref